This is a fairly conclusive list of all my compositions and collaborations. The attempt to classify them may have led to some omissions because of the vast quantity of analog and digital material reviewed. This collection represents my interest in both serious and more popular forms of music, but none of the work takes on the aspect of commercial music. There are gaps in my musical productivity. At these times I was either playing live, devoting time to create visual art or caught up in life.
  1. Lament of the Masses song cycle with MAX Productions 1968.
  2. Mass for Children 1968.
  3. Burning Bush collaborative songs 1969.
  4. 15 Bilder algorithmic music for Piano, Cello and Flute 1976.
  5. Chain Reaction scored music theater 1978.
  6. Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie electronic soundscape for theater 1978.
  7. Cypher electronic soundscape for theater 1979.
  8. Radio Spot commercial for Zoe Designs, electronics and mezzo soprano 1980.
  9. Volition (I Ching cycle) electronic soundscape for an installation with Charley Crist 1981.
  10. Lo Chou Good Morning scored dance music ritual for nine players 1983.
  11. Fashion Show Music six instrumentals for Zoe Designs 1983.
  12. La Demande de Paris music with slide show 1984.
  13. Big Orange song cycle for theater with Whitman McGowan 1984.
  14. Tyrrell Songs cycle of 7 songs for Susan Tyrrell 1984.
  15. Tanabi film scored for shakuhachi flute and noh foot stomping 1984.
  16. Little Green Man cycle of 24 songs for MIDI 1985.
  17. Rashidi Epic soundscape for writer Blakeslee Stevens 1985.
  18. Moments Before the Sky Clears music concrete and electronics with Neal Taylor1985.
  19. Art Dock Installations electronic music with Neal Taylor 1985.
  20. Spiral Meditation algorithmic music 1985.
  21. Humanesque algorithmic music with five poets 1986.
  22. Toronto Songs cycle of 5 songs for Cynthia Toronto 1986.
  23. First Prescription soundscapes for poet Dr. Mongo Taribubu 1986.
  24. Crystal algorithmic music with Pamela Burgess 1986.
  25. Witches Bruise soundscape for poet Micheal Mollett 1986.
  26. TV Violence soundtrack for video by Neal Taylor 1986.
  27. Bentov's Universe algorithmic music for nineteen piece chamber ensemble 1987.
  28. Planet Earth algorithmic music with Pamela Burgess 1987.
  29. Steel and Stone algorithmic music with Pamela Burgess1988.
  30. Great River algorithmic music for violin, cello, piano and electronics 1988.
  31. The Cross algorithmic music 1989.
  32. Creative Principle 64 Hexagrams algorithmic music, graphic score 1990
  33. Nothing Greater than One algorithmic music, string quartet & electronics 1991.
  34. Senarius algorithmic music, fl. a..sax, cl. harmonium1991.
  35. Marimbarounds algorithmic music, marimba and electronics1992.
  36. Constellations algorithmic music, piano trio 1992.
  37. Le Cri du Coeur algorithmic music 1993.
  38. Spring Forward for piano and oboe 1994.
  39. Slow Down algorithmic music composed for Basso Bongo 1995.
  40. Relaxed Wrap music for poetry by Dr. Mongo Taribubu 1996.
  41. MIDI Masturbater MAX program for live performance 1999.
  42. Mr. tamale - Prix Ars Electronica with Jesus Juarez, Antonio Mendoza, Alberto Miyares 1999.
  43. Drew Lesso Piano and Voice nine song cycle 2000.
  44. After Dinner improvised music with Josie Roth, synthesizer, viola & voice 2000.
  45. Motive Modulator algorithmic music computer software 2001.
  46. What's the Emergency soundscape for poetry by Dr. Mongo Taribubu 2002.
  47. Media Collage music concrete for LA Freewaves website 2002.
  48. Hypnos, Master Lambda MAX programs 2002.
  49. Lambdakismos (Tao Particles) algorithmic music 2003.
  50. Unified Non-Tonics (Tao Particles) algorithmic music 2003.
  51. Geochronos (Tao Particles) algorithmic music 2003.
  52. American Revolution Fanfare for Brass Ensemble with percussion 2003.
  53. Dance with the 21st Century Global Revolution harmonic algorithm 2003.
  54. Rahu & Ketu spinning circular objects 2004.
  55. Janus Gate Drew Lesso 8 pieces for piano 2005.
  56. Trois Acoustic Anna Homler, Micheal Intreier, Drew Lesso 2006.
  57. Deux Electronic Josie Roth, Drew Lesso 2006.
  58. Rahu & Ketu live adaptation 2006.
  59. Max Dee O Gee Val Ewell, Drew Lesso, Dr. Mongo Taribubu 6 song cycle 2006.
  60. Drew Lesso Archive web site at 2007.

• • •


Here's a list of some of my favorite books that helped shape my artistic consciousness. This is part of a larger list that also includes computer music manuals like Curtis Roads' Foundations of Computer Music, other favorites like Voltaire's Candide, George Carlin's Brain Droppings and more, dealing with topics from Astronomy to Psychology.

• • •

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