Drew Lesso

You are listening to Lambdakismos a work for MIDI piano created as a coded computer music algorithm. It is based upon the three dimensional Lambdoma shown above. As a young man the great Greek orator Demosthenes 384-322 B.C. suffered from a terrible stutter. He went to the ocean, stuffed pebbles into his mouth then spoke loudly against the sound of the surf, for many months, to evoke a cure. Metaphorically, the huge variety of music currently available seemingly makes my ears and piano fingers stutter. I counteract this tendency by writing computer music algorithms that investigate visual form as music, through an application with the discipline of Harmonics. This is the primary focus for my lifes work. I also enjoy playing solo piano keyboards, collaborations and creating visual art. Even though most of my work is highly esoterIc I still find a deep gratification, since childhood, when writing music within a traditional song format. I rarely listen to outside music these days because I have a real appreciation for silence, but I'll bet that I still hear just as much music as anybody because Earth is the noisiest planet in the Universe. Otherwise, my waking moments and the dreamtime are usually filled with a music of my own creation. Mostly it has been a very difficult journey to find and preserve a sense of artistic freedom. The purpose of this site allows it's audience to browse through the life of an American composer living on the cusp of the 20th and 21st centuries, working to project a unique identity commensurate with his experience. I hope that within this site you may find some evocative music and concepts that would enhance your appreciation for discovery. Drew Lesso