Slow Down/Cri du Coeur

SLOW DOWN... make haste... ...wait!
Advancements are stacking up quickly in the digital world and much faster than the human development for the wisdom of philosophy. We need to take a deep breath and relax in order to accomplish each step in the development of an idea, or when learning a new process. Digital dreams don't happen overnight.
World peace and peace in communities should have more in common with philosophy. Slow Down is dedicated to people who take the time to get things done right for the benefit of archetypal common good.

Slow Down is written as a simple but elegant algorithmic modulation. It was my intention to show that a musically controlled algorithmic methodology can work well in a standard beat medium. I have no problem creating abstract music with harmonic algorithms, so the process for Slow Down presented some interesting challenges.

The motif for Slow Down is an eight chord blues structure which repeats 69 times in 4/4 time at MM102. The algorithm splits the chords into two groups of four per pass with individual tones modulating according to the following semitone series: 4,4,4,-4,-4,-4; -2,-2,-2,2,2; -1,-1,-1,1,1; -1,-1,-1,1,1. When the limits of midinote%(43) or midinote%(79) are reached, the tones are adjusted and sent back for remodulation, hence the A-B-A form.

Slow Down was performed worldwide in spring '95 by the duo BassoBongo with Robert Black on bass and Amy Knoles on MidiDrums. The bass and drum parts are written in traditional notation to follow the algorithmic sequence.

The hardware: Macintosh Quadra 660AV, DX7IIfd with Grey Matter E, UltraProteus, Alesis HR16 Drum Machine, Yamaha TX16W and Ensoniq Mirage Samplers. The software: MS BASIC, MidiBasic, Performer 5.02.